Who’s that in our custom PHHS ’67 Corvette?

Of course we had a real one there! But every classmate had the chance to drive our custom cut-out ’67 Vet back home where we celebrated our “50 Year Road-Trip”!                                                                                                   See if  you can recognize anyone?                                                                                                            

      Dave & Debbie Ingle 



Dave Benfield

& Jim Calder



Linda Mickey & Susan Caldart


Jim Calder & Cathy Sommers

        Linda Gori & Lida Townsley                                                                    Linda Mickey & Carolyn Whitney

Ron Standiford & wife

Carolyn Whitney & Brenda Gregory

Bob & Cathy Lund                    







Tommy Kraft & Linda Carter


Susan Caldart & Terry Bromwell




Sue Gentry & Carolyn Whitney




Jim Calder &

Donna Paul




Joyce Moretz & Barbara Cares                                                                                                                                                                                            Linda Reifsnider Carter & Jim Fogwell







Barry Klotz & Allan Webster




Butch Adams




Tom & Sharon Howard






Vince & Judy Pecora

Alice Gull & Cathy Sommers


John & Jackie Anderson






Claire Siegrist & Rick                                                                         Sharon Stapleton & Russell







Joyce Moretz & Sue Trinko John Klausmeier & John Seifert




Rachael & John Smith



Pat Pinzutti & Margie Pfeifer


Terry Bromwell & Linda Mickey Butch Adams & Bob Lund

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